Fundamentals of Translation

Fundamentals of Translation is a language-specific course that presents the fundamental principles of translation in an interactive virtual learning environment. This cost-effective approach to professional translation education helps government translators approach their work in a more knowledgeable and systematic manner, thereby improving their translation performance.
The course consists of three modules that address each stage of the translation process. Module I provides an overview of translation, including its purpose, key definitions within the field, and an introduction of the three-phase model of translation.

Module II goes into more detail, explaining how to identify the main characteristics of a text, understand its linguistic and extra-linguistic features, determine the translation’s target audience, identify translation and research priorities, and conduct necessary research.
Finally, Module III introduces learners to the various translation methods and techniques, shows them how to select the best method for a given translation, and provides ideas for editing and proofreading the completed translation. Ample opportunities to practice each of these skills are provided throughout the modules to reinforce the information presented.



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