Thematic Units

Thematic Units are rich-media interactive resources based on the latest empirical research on the ways adults gain proficiency in foreign languages. Thematic Units are designed to help foreign language learners improve comprehension skills, strengthen overall language ability, and attain general professional proficiency, level 3 on the Interagency Language Roundtable scale.
Thematic Units employ authentic video, audio, and written texts related to a theme-level topic to place learners in an interactive virtual environment that not only teaches and evaluates but also reproduces situations and activities that will enhance their ability to utilize language skills related to relevant, contemporary issues.

Each Thematic Unit is composed of several topical clusters, each of which focuses on a specific element of the overarching theme. Each topical cluster contains seven authentic source texts in various media formats accompanied by a series of language-related activities and work-related tasks. Both texts and tasks are carefully sequenced to gradually become more cognitively demanding, and the topical cluster culminates in an assessment of relevant vocabulary and grammar as well as an exit task that simulates a job-related assignment. Additionally, every topical cluster provides extensive supplementary materials, such as background information, vocabulary, and linguistic support.
Thematic Units are currently available in Chinese and Korean.

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