Art and Media Production

Art and Media Production

The NFLC Art and Media Production (AMP) team has been producing high quality video, audio and graphic elements for NFLC products and programs since the department was established in 2004. Over that time, the facilities and capabilities of the team have grown and expanded.

A downloadable brochure outlining our capabilities is available here.

NFLC Studio

NFLC production studio.

  • Video production
  • Video post production
  • Audio production
  • Audio post, including difficult audio repair and noise removal capabilties
  • Graphic design
  • 3D modeling
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • On location production and AV support
  • Green screen studio with two 90 degree walls
  • ProCyc seamless cove at corner and floor
  • Auralex sound absorption
  • 12 inch thick walls with double layer of gypsum board extends to roof deck for isolation from offices
  • Additional sound isolation applied above black ceiling tiles
  • Teleprompter with Presentation Prompter software

Video Acquisition

  • Panasonic 4K and HD cameras
  • BlackMagic Studio Camera HD cameras
  • BirdDog HD PTZ cameras in conference/training rooms accessible over secure NDI network
  • Atomos Ninja Assassin, Samurai, and Ninja Star recorders

Live switching and streaming

NFLC Tricaster cart

Portable cart with Tricaster system

NewTek TriCaster 460 Advanced Edition

  • SDI, HDMI and NDI sources supported
  • Live virtual set compositing
  • Simultaneous capture, switching and streaming
  • Comm systems
  • Road case mounted for location production or image magnification needs


  • KinoFlo Celeb
  • LitePanels 1x1 LED
  • Various ARRI, LitePanel and Lowel fixtures


  • Various shotgun and video condenser mics
  • Wireless and wired lavalier mics
  • PZM mics
  • SoundDevices 302 field mixer
  • Tascam field recorder
  • Large diaphragm condenser voice over mics
  • Media SAN
    • 50 Terabytes of dedicated media storage
    • LTO tape backup and LTFS archiving

Edit Suites

  • Network Device Interface (NDI) network connection to NFLC conference/training room
  • Apple based video workstations
  • Reference monitors

Green screen compositing

Motion graphics and visualizations

TriCaster virtual set

Marketing video

Enhanced lectures and presentations

Screencasts and product demos

Instructional video