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NFLC’s Portal houses our entire catalog of language learning materials: over 7,000 items in nearly one hundred languages and dialects, with more materials added on an ongoing basis. This resource is freely available to anyone.

Items in the Portal are tagged by difficulty level, modality, topic, and objective for easy searching. Users can save searches, add bookmarks and personal tags, and receive notifications when new materials matching saved search criteria are added.

A list of the number of objects currently available in each available language is below. Click your language to view what's available.


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Portal Lesson Types

  • Compact Learning Objects

    Compact Learning Objects are sets of five short lessons on a single topic. Each lesson is based on an authentic audio, video, or written passage…

  • Video Learning Objects

    Video Learning Objects explore language and culture through short segments from contemporary films and television dramas. Each lesson takes about…

  • Thematic Units

    Thematic Units are sets of seven in-depth lessons on a common theme. Each lesson is based on an authentic audio, video, or written passage and…

  • Assessment Objects

    Performing well on assessments like the Defense Language Proficiency Test can demonstrate your language skills and lead to professional…