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Demographics and Equity of Dual Language Immersion Programs in Washington, DC

Written in collaboration with the DC Language Immersion Project, this study explores how the demographics of dual-language schools compare with non-dual-language schools in DC’s traditional public and public charter schools. It asks whether and how these schools differ in terms of racial diversity, proportion of students classified as special education, and proportion of students classified as at-risk.

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Rebecca Rubin Damari
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  • DLI schools are racially/ethnically more diverse
  • DLI schools have fewer at-risk students
  • DLI and non-DLI schools changed racially/ethnically in the same direction, but at different rates
  • DLI programs should be added in neighborhoods with high densities of at-risk students and investments should be made in targeted outreach to families of at-risk student
  • DLI programs should have at-risk and EL lottery preferences and these should replace dominant language lottery preference
  • Strand DLI programs should be accessible to in-boundary students by-right, in high at-risk neighborhoods