Name Team
Connie DiJohnson Lead Director, Second Language Acquisition, Language Training
Miranda Abadir Second Language Acquisition
Natalie Aguayo Project Management
Bryan Anderson Art and Media
Marcella Biggins Human Resources
Rebecca Rubin Damari Research
Jeff Dockendorf Information Technology
Domenique Farina Second Language Acquisition
Tom Ford Web and Mobile Technologies
Danielle Halladay Products, Project Management
Ken Heckeroth Web and Mobile Technologies
Yoonjee Hong Language Training
Sun Mi Kim Second Language Acquisition
Kate Kokhan Second Language Acquisition
Nozomi Liao Language Training
Tavia McRoy Human Resources
Robin Nelson Project Management, Finance
Jeff O’Dell Project Management
Lauren Pendley Editing
Danielle Roe Project Management
Chase Rytina Finance
Thomas Sauer Professional Learning, Resource Development
Lisa Schock Editing
Sharon Soler Communications, Project Management
Yesim Yilmazel-Sahin Language Training
Stephanie Zaczek Second Language Acquisition