Tom Ford

Tom Ford
Director, Web and Mobile Applications Development

Thomas Ford is the director of web and mobile technologies at the NFLC, where he manages software development in support of client deliverables. His team has developed APIs, websites, an e-learning authoring system, a language learning mobile app, a grant application system, and more.

At the NFLC, Tom has worked on bug-tracking and version-control systems; an e-learning standards (SCORM) implementation for content exported to a learning management system; database development; and requirements analysis. Tom has implemented several toolchain upgrades to support a more flexible telework policy and moved the NFLC to an Agile development methodology. He developed a new virtualized stack to support a pipeline with continuous integration and automated build and test cycles, migrated projects from XML-based toolchains to a JavaScript-based ecosystem, and oversaw the creation of a new e-learning and authoring platform.

Recently, Tom developed Language Ladder, a mobile application to host NFLC products. He also spearheaded the migration of the e-learning and authoring platform to a microservices architecture to support the NFLC’s ability to leverage its custom-built software for new opportunities.

In addition, Tom managed the NFLC’s IT unit from 2009 until 2011, a critical transition and growth period at the NFLC. In this role, Tom directed upgrades to Microsoft Exchange, acquired hardware, moved the network to a new facility, developed an intranet, and designed the electrical configuration for a server room.

Tom earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Hartford and served in the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan.